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Estella McCartney’s new line

Estella McCartney’s New Line Estella McCartney’s new line, launched in September 2024, is a bold and innovative collection that redefines sustainable fashion. This line embraces cutting-edge materials and techniques to create pieces that are both stylish and eco-conscious. From regenerated leather and organic cotton to cruelty-free fabrics, McCartney’s designs push the boundaries of sustainability without […]

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5 Vegan Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Vegan Fashion Trends 2024 Vegan fashion, a rapidly evolving industry, continues to gain traction as consumers become more aware of the ethical and environmental implications of animal-based products. In 2024, vegan fashion trends are expected to witness a significant surge: Sustainable Materials Plant-based leathers: Innovative materials such as mycelium leather (made from mushroom roots), cactus

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LeMogul fashion in Star Wars

Natalie Portman’s outfits in Star Wars was taken from Mongolian fashion.

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Piferi luxury vegan shoes en Vogue!!!

Hey Le Mogul family, We are so excited that high end fashion is coming around to the idea that fashion can be compassionate and we don’t have to exploit or kill living beings for their leather in order to wear durable and fashionable shoes. Check out the Vogue article below, this is definitely a step

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Pineapple Leather

Hey all, this is a nice Jacket by H&M made from PINEAPPLE LEATHER! Properties of Pineapple LeatherPineapple leather has some properties similar to natural leather, and some properties similar to faux leather. Here are a few of the top ones: Heat Resistant Water Resistant Flexible Soft Durable Breathable Find out more About the AuthorView

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Stella McCartney Sneak Elyse Sandals

We love Stella McCartney and her ethical luxury fashion line. Today we would like to highlight one of her sandals. Since Stella started using ECONYL® in 2017, their company has stopped over 10 tons of nylon from going to land fills. Speak with your dollars and choose ethical vegan fashion to save the planet. As

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