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13 year old aspiring designer, born vegan & climate activist Rumi Jean and her singer-songwriter sister Nomi Jean Cater curate a vegan fashion/lifestyle blog


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"Mogul" means "Mongol" in Persian. I am Rumi Jean and I am 13 years old. I was born and raised vegan in Mongolia, in the coldest capital city on Earth, Ulaanbaatar. Together with my singer-songwriter sister Nomi, who started the vegan revolution in the country at the age of 14 and who is the first vegan influencer in the country, we are doing this for everyone, so that you can go vegan Le Mogul way: Mongolian traditional minimalist, eco-friendly, yet completely fashionable lifestyle. If we Moguls can be vegan, how simple it is for the rest of the World!!!


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ema testimonials

Happy to find out this blog by young passionate vegan fashionistas from Mongolia! Especially it's amazing to know that vegan lifestyle is now possible anywhere in the world. I hope to learn and share a lot more in the future. Good luck gals!

- Ema Sunson, Moscow
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